Construction of the church we are presently caretakers of, followed the laying of the cornerstone in June 1844. Built of limestone donated by the Wyandotte's First Nations and from labour, materials, and money pledged by many of our ancestors, it became the new home for worship for district Catholics. In 1863, a thirty foot addition was added to the front of the church and a bell tower and steeple erected. Over the years other additions have been added and challenges have been met.

Our current Restoration Campaign is based on two foundations. First and foremost the retirement of our existing debt of $969,000 for the work done in 2004 based on the condition report of J.P. Thompson Architects dated April 2001. At that time, the 135 year old bell tower and steeple were deemed unsafe and the diocese provided a loan to do the necessary restoration.

Since the report of 2001 other structural issues have arisen which are explained in an update to the condition report dated June 2010 prepared by Sfera Architectural Associates Inc. The report is at our office and is available for anyone to read. Required repairs include those following as well as masonry and structural deterioration ($72,000), window, doors and boiler room repairs ($20,000), asbestos removal and flooring ($270,000), handicap access and washroom ($202,500), and parking lot ($202,500). For now we have ensured that only the repairs that are absolutely necessary for the continued safe operation of our Church building and rectory be part of the campaign.

All fundraising efforts are being done by our parish volunteers in order to keep our costs as low as possible. To reach our goal of retiring our existing debt and paying for the new repairs we need a lot of prayers, hard work and generosity from many people. As you can see this is a bare bones campaign stripped of any extras. We have relegated our wish list of items such as Church air conditioning, parish hall, and meeting area improvements to a discretionary category that may or may not be in the future depending on the economy and the backing of the parishioners.

Within this web-brochure is a pledge form. Please take time in prayerful reflection before making your commitment. We are filled with hope and excitement as we continue to move St. John the Baptist Parish into the future so as to live our unique mission as church.
St. John the Baptist Church