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Fr. Brian JaneOur Pastor's Message

We have much to be grateful for here at St. John the Baptist Church. You and your family have celebrated many rites of passage through the sacraments in our worship. Some have intensely met the presence of God at the altar or confessional. Some have professed their love in lifetime commitment or buried a loved one. St. John the Baptist Church has been a gathering place of prayer for over one hundred and sixty years and we celebrate that heritage. It is where we come to laugh in celebration and be comforted in our sorrow.

It was built by the faith of our ancestors with donations of time, talent and treasure and left to us as stewards and caretakers. The opportunity has now arisen for this generation to restore that which was entrusted to us, to leave this legacy for our children and their future.

Thank you for your past and present support of our parish. Please join with me and pray for the success of our "Restore the Church that Faith Built" campaign.

yours in Christ

Fr Brian Jane

St. John the Baptist Church